Play The National Lottery and Euro Millions with Virtual World Direct.  The e-Lottery Syndicate System dramatically increases your chances of winning 2 of the biggest tax free, lump sum lotteries in the world - The UK National Lottery and The Euro Millions

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Select your OWN 5 lucky numbers between 1 and 49.

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 Introduce just
5 new

National Lottery
Euro Millions
players and
play for FREE!  

Affiliate Program


Proud member of
The Lotteries Council 


Select your OWN 5 lucky numbers between 1 and 49.


    Affiliate Program  -  Business Opportunity  -  Play for FREE

Building An Online Business Just Got Easier... And So Did Generating A
Residual Monthly Income

Consider this for just a moment:

How much money do you think you could earn with a product that is...

• Presented indirectly to millions of people on prime-time TV three times a week.
• Purchased by millions of people worldwide.
• Capable of turning dreams into reality.
• Proven to dramatically i'ncrease your chances of w'inning 'multi-million' lottery jackpots 3 times a week.
• Delivered INSTANTLY to your customers.
• Is effectively F'REE to you after you refer just 5 other people who purchase it.

Should be easy to earn quite a lot of money with these factors in your favour, shouldn't it?

That's what's involved in this business. Let's also take a quick look at what's NOT involved!... This business is...

• NOT expensive to start or maintain.
• NOT exclusive to a small clientele.
• NOT limited to geographical location.
• NOT limited to just those people who own a PC.
• NOT hard to start or earn money with.
• NOT Rocket Science.

Virtual World Direct have created a unique business o'pportunity, based upon the official UK National Lotto and the multi-national EuroMillions lottery games...

It's called the e-Lottery AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

"Okay, let me see the 4-minute Affiliate Program movie..."

With its high-reward referral marketing plan, you can play, WIN and earn u'nlimited income... And you can do it effectively at no c'ost by simply referring just 5 members who actively play every week.

All over the world, hundreds of excited members enjoy a solid residual monthly income, and now it's your turn.

Here's how they do it...

They simply tell their families and friends about the remarkable VWD
e-Lottery 'Multi-Win' Syndicate System and how they can save a bundle and have fun playing it at the same time. The movie they show them does all the selling for them.

How many people do YOU know who play a 'big-money' lottery game week in, week out? A lot, right?

Now you can show them a much better way!

With VWD, your f'amily, friends, colleagues and other contacts — regardless of where they live in the world — can enjoy playing the UK Lotto and EuroMillions lotteries simply and conveniently, right from the comfort of their own homes...

And they get these incredible benefits, too:

• 88 UK Lotto entries every week for just £5 A WEEK!
Or 88 UK Lotto plus 36 EuroMillions entries (124 in total) for just £10 A WEEK!
• Odds of w'inning any prize as low as 1 in 13 in the UK Lotto and 1 in 10 in EuroMillions.
• Unique e-Lottery Syndicate prize categories — like the 2-ball and 4-ball + Bonus ball wins in the UK Lotto, and the 1-ball and 2-ball wins in EuroMillions.
• Hit the JACKPOT with just 5 numbers, not 6 or 7.
• Draw results sent to you by email.
• NO MORE trudging to the lottery ticket shop.
• NO MORE standing in long queues to b'uy tickets or collect winnings.
• NO MORE losing tickets.
• Winnings paid out by cheque or via StormPay.
• Plus much, much more...

For more information about just playing in our Syndicates, have a look at this 4-minute e-Lottery Movie...

The UK National Lotto is one of the most prestigious, tax-f'ree, lump-sum lotteries in the world. The newer, multi-country EuroMillions lottery is now, in fact, the richest and biggest lottery of it's kind on the planet — and pays out tax-f'ree, lump-sum cash p'rizes, too.

Countless millions of people play in national, state or provincial lotteries all over the world — more than 20 million play National Lottery games in the UK, alone.

These people would love to know how to play lotteries smarter, play for better value for money and w'in more than they do now...

You can show them how to do this and cash-in at the same time.

Once your customers experience the phenomenal W'INNING-POWER of the e-Lottery System they'll wonder how they ever did without it.

C'lick the link below now and start enjoying a smarter way to play the UK National Lotto and EuroMillions today — and W'IN! — and discover just how simple it is to build a highly successful online business!

YES!... Count me in...


“Pays Me Double The Wages
I Was Getting”

“I used to work long shifts at my local pub at ridiculous wages just to get by. That was until I found VWD.

Since joining in July [2004] I've managed to build a team of over 130 people which pays me double the wages I was getting back then, and I work for myself!!

I now play the UK Lotto and EuroMillions for f'ree and have w'on dozens of times. There's just no way to describe what a great system this is and I believe there should be n'obody out there who isn't involved.”

Thomas Baxter - Midlothian, UK



The short answer to playing for FREE in
The UK Lottery and The
Euro Millions

  • Sign-up to become a VWD Lotto member player
  • Refer 5 people
  • YOU PLAY FOR FREE!  (in either UK Lotto or Euro Millions)
  • Refer 10 people and you play for free in both Lotteries.
  • Refer more and you're into profits.

Annual Affiliate Fee only £4.99 
£5 a week to play + £4.99 to join


Business Potential - Read More


National Lottery - Euro Millions

You've Got To Be In It To Win It

Just £5 a week 

 Payments can be made by:  
Visa Mastercard/Eurocard Visa Delta Visa Electron Maestro Switch Solo MONEYBOOKERS CLICK2PAYe-gold

Click here for more payment options (opens in new window)

Winnings sent Directly to You

The Lotteries Council 

VWD is an accredited member of the UK's Lotteries Council and conforms  to their Code of Conduct. VWD and the e-Lottery 'Multi-Win' Syndicate System comply fully with the UK National Lottery terms and 'conditions of play.

 Play the National Lottery and Euro Millions from anywhere in the World!!  

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