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Member Testimonials

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"I'd been a fairly regular National Lottery player ever since it began back in '94; In 8 years I never won more than £200 total.

I'm so impressed with the Multi-Win Syndicate System because the numbers really do add up. In the last 90 draws I have won £752.44. That averages £8.36 every single draw!”

Neil Verlander - Worcestershire, UK

“I joined E-Lottery about a year and half ago. The system really works. I have won a total of £463.84 as of 10th September 2004.

Think how many people are playing the lottery without the advantages of the e-lottery system... brilliant concept, brilliantly executed.”

James Holden - Wiltshire, UK

“The cost to join E-Lottery is minimal but the pay out can be VERY BIG! The company was launched in April last year [2002] so it's still early days but already it is a big success. I joined to be a winner - well, I'm winning!!"

Yvon Bergeron - Quebec, Canada

“I played the UK Lotto very often and, of course, I hoped to win the jackpot. So when I first saw E-Lottery’s e-Lottery system I thought: This is it!

I live in Slovakia and thanks to E-Lottery I am able to play the Lotto and now the Euro Millions.”

Marian Hlinka – Trebatice, Slovakia

“I have been a member of E-Lottery for 18 months... So far, between the EuroMillions and the UK Lotto, I have had 29 wins which far surpass ALL the winning tickets I ever had in the 7 years before I joined E-Lottery.”

Karen White - Fife, UK

“Since I joined E-Lottery I have had nearly 60 wins. Only a few weeks ago my syndicate won £6,661 and within 48 hours I had the cheque for my share of the winnings.

From my experience that is typical of the efficient way E-Lottery conducts its operation. I have won far more in the last 2 years since I joined E-Lottery than I did in the 5 years before when I played the Lotto as an individual.

And I do not even have to remember to buy a ticket; I automatically have my 44 lines in each draw. All I have to do is wait for the e-mail that tells me I am a winner. I do not know an easier or better way to play the Lotto."

Dave Bromley - UK

“I signed up to play the e-Lottery system two months ago without any real conviction. But I must say I have been surprised by the results.

The e-Lottery system is unique and very affordable, costing just £5.00 GBP a week for 88 entries in the UK Lotto Wednesday and Saturday draws. That's great!

I say to French people: Don't wait to join E-Lottery… you get more chances to win the UK Lotto with the e-Lottery system than playing the French Lotto.”

Jeremy Henault – Indre Et Loire, France

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"From the moment I joined, I knew this was something special. Within 10 months I received more than £3,200 of lottery winnings.

I realised it would be advantageous to be in as many Syndicates as possible. So slowly I bought more and more... and increased the frequency of winning prize-money."

Paul Veverka – Scotland, UK

“I've been a member of E-Lottery for more than two months and have won the UK Lotto 14 times.

I recently had a four-ball win which netted me £110.86 due to the way the e-Lottery system works. If I had not been playing in a E-Lottery syndicate that four-ball win would only have been worth £56.00.”

John Bell – London, UK

“I joined E-Lottery on May 18. Immediately I realised that this was a very special ‘club’, which would allow me to play the UK National Lotto from anywhere in the

It is fully managed, so never again will I have to stand in a queue to lodge my games or collect any winnings. I don’t even have to check my numbers as E-Lottery e-mails the results to me and will put a cheque in the post if I win.”

Chris Kendell – Northamptonshire, UK

" I’ve been a member of E-Lottery for 22 months and during that time won more money on the lottery than I did in the previous FOUR years.

The back up, help, guidance and support from the company we all receive is second to none.”

Malcolm Horsey - Gloucestershire, UK

"When the UK National Lottery first started I joined a syndicate of 15 people and paid £5 a week to enter the Saturday draw. Over a period of 5 years I won NOTHING.

Since joining the e-lottery Multi Win Syndicate System – with which £5 entered me into BOTH the Wednesday and Saturday draw – I have won an amazing 12 times. My partner has won 4 times and my two cousins in Australia won £245 after being in only 10 days.

Most people play the lottery – why not join a system that gives 88 lines a week that costs £5 instead of £88 and a guaranteed WINNING number”

Maureen Bell - Surrey, UK

“This week I opened my mailbox and there was a letter from E-Lottery. I wondered why they were sending me a statement. I thought it was just some ordinary statement of my account, so I didn’t open it.

When I did, I was completely taken by surprise. In the envelope was a cheque for £2,846.95 [GBP]. I simply couldn’t believe it. I read it over and over again…

I’m just overwhelmed. The E-Lottery website is fantastic, the opportunity is fantastic. Furthermore, the service is excellent.”

Haukur Grondal - Reykjavik, Iceland

“Within three months of playing the e-Lottery system I have had four wins and £2,846.95 deposited into my E-Lottery Account.

People are now starting to take an interest when I talk about this system. It’s not just about winning big but winning regularly.”

Colin Mitchell - Cumbria, UK

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